Why Fujitsu?

Award-winning Performance – as Green as possible

With the processing power and data capacity to handle large scale virtualisation, VDI and cloud deployments, Fujitsu offers excellent value for money, versatility and scalability for compute-hungry applications.

Energy consumption is lower and Fujitsu is allowing users to ‘buy now – upgrade later’, making it flexible to demand and ready for future growth. built and designed. The management software is looking a tad dated but it does it’s job from the second you turn on the server.

Great design, efficiency and price makes Fujitsu better value compared to its competitors and the preferred choice of our Modulaire colocation experts.

What we like the most is entirely non-technical. It is the fact that Fujitsu, like Modulaire, is constantly striving to be as Green as possible. Caring about the environment is outlined in their Environmental Policy. Its principles and guidelines are reflected within their action plans and emission reductions targets.


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