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Texas Tech University Made the Leap to Managed Cloud Hosting Services with EMR Technical Solutions*

*EMR Technical Solutions is now part of Modulaire, Inc

The decision to partner with a full-service IT hosting provider was the perfect solution for the national curriculum project of the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health.

Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC) demonstrates that state institutions are best served when they choose managed Cloud hosting services over replacing expensive hardware in-house.

The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health is one of the national leaders in building educational curricula around the differences in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and health conditions between men’s and women’s health. Since 2012, medical educators have worked at the institute building online educational curricula that could be used by schools of nursing, medicine, and allied health to teach these important differences. They created slides on many different topics the educators could use during their lectures, continuing medical education courses, and two interactive video modules on diabetes and osteoporosis.

As they looked at releasing the curricula nationwide, their current servers were not adequate for the projected load and there were concerns considering video format of the content. The Institute could not wait; they needed a well-connected company to provide a comprehensive Cloud-based solution. The Institute went through the state’s bidding process, but most states have difficulty understanding that the best solution is not to buy a server that will become obsolete in a few years, but instead lease a system that grows with the project’s needs, a server that does not require on-site hosting. The Institute needed the freedom of growth that open source provided since the content was written in PHP, built on a SQL database, running on a Linux server.

EMR Technical Solutions* emerged with the best offering due to its experience in the industry, its understanding of managed Cloud hosting services, and long-term price. EMR Technical Solutions* supplied the Institute with a primary and a fail-over server and configured the server so that it met their needs. Since implementation, the servers have been working continuously and successfully exceeded the customers expectations for bandwidth testing.

David A. Edgell (MA), Program Implementation Coordinator at SGSH confirmed:

EMR Technical Solutions* was one of seven bidders on a contract for new servers for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s Sex and Gender Specific Health national curriculum project. We needed an experienced vendor who could guarantee that we had the bandwidth and reliability required for continuous operation. It was important to us that if there was a problem, we could talk to the people solving the problem, not discussing issues with outsourced help desks. They also met our pricing requirements.

EMR Technical Solutions* worked with us to implement our existing website on their enterprise-class servers and brought us up on our schedule. Since going live, we have had remarkable uptime and no bandwidth issues. We are very satisfied with the service and servers they provided.

Only a few months ago TTUHSC, like most state institutions, considered buying computers off-the-shelf, housing them, connecting them via a network, supplying uninterruptible power, and devoting resources to monitoring them for operation and security. Today, EMR Technical Solutions’ is managing their Cloud hosting service and is allowing the Institute to focus on its primary mission of clinical education rather than buying systems and hiring support staff.

Just as this solution worked for the university, it can also work for any state or federal government agency through implementing quick solutions by using managed cloud hosting services rather than devoting long-term resources towards monitoring and operation of soon-to-be-obsolete systems for the constituents the agency serves.

The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health website is located at: http://www.sexandgenderhealth.org and the content has been field tested at multiple medical schools across the country. It will be available for subscription in January, 2016.

*EMR Technical Solutions is now part of Modulaire, Inc


For further information about the SGSH program please contact:

Jongpil Cheon
Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health
IT Project Manager
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409

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