Virtual Machines (VMs)

Cloud-based Enterprise Hosting is the delivery of a Complete ‘Operations-Ready System’ as a SERVICE rather than a series of component products. Infrastructure resources, software, information and workflow engineering are provided as a part of this service. This allows for management to focus on management outcomes of the system and not on operational details.

Considering Cloud Hosted Virtual Machines (VMs) as an Option?

  • Massive lowering of the company IT budget.
  • Scalability: Flexible scaling up or down, anytime
  • Firewall and security is in the hands of experts especially since attacks are on the increase.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • You don’t own the hardware.
  • You don’t decide when technology upgrades happen.
Cloud Hosted Virtual Infrastructure

High-Availability Cluster

Cloud Hosted Virtual Machines and Managed Service Option
  • Virtual Machines (VM)

    Microsoft Windows OS Servers
    Linux Debian Servers
    Linux CentOS(Red Hat) Servers

    Note: Each Linux server can be configured to run dozens of Docker containers

  • Managed Services

    · System Administration
    · Network Administration
    · Security Administration
    · Database Administration
    · Network Operations Center (NOC)
    · 24/7 Support Desk

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