The Modulaire Approach ensures a holistic view to the ‘Perfect Storm‘ dilemma of MMIS where MMISaaS is the platform that supports the MEDICAID Management Ecosystem, ensuring better access to health care, improved health outcomes and reduced cost.


Software as a Service
Provider Portal

Nurture Providers by giving excellent Service

Medicaid providers are the means by which state Medicaid departments execute their mission. We must assist state Medicaid departments to ensure that all interactions with providers are supportive and that the provider is left with a great overall user experience.

Software as a Service
Member Portal

Enable Patients towards Self-Management

Medicaid members have in the past not been engaged in a manner that has produced the best outcome. A “Member Portal” will bring in to play tools, technologies, and engagement experience to insure that future member interactions are transparent and relevant to patient self-management.

Software and Change Management as a Service
MMIS Staff Portal

Supported by a solid Management Foundation

Enrollment and Claims Processes with simple business rules allows MMIS staff to perform efficiently in supporting providers and patients. This is achieved by creating a solid management approach and the platform as a tool.

Storage as a Service
Claims / Encounter Archiving

Storing archives on the Cloud

Complying with the data protection act, securely store e-documents for future audits and ensuring the data doesn’t get ‘corrupted’. Patient health records are legal documents that modern health organizations must safe-guard and store for an indefinite amount of time, allowing for retrieval, data analysis and reporting.

Air Travel – A Metaphor for MMIS

If a state’s choice of Medicaid Management Information System is similar to you choosing to travel from New York to Los Angeles within 24 hours.
Would you:
A. Book a seat and purchase an e-Ticket online?
B. Charter an airline online?
C. Build your own aircraft onsite?

Hint: There is no wrong answer!

  • C. Build your own Aircraft

    State Medicaid programs regard MMIS as an airplane equipped with air, ground and maintenance staff. When each state attempts to build their own aircraft, costs for states with a low population are the same as for states with higher needs. Airplanes take a long time to build, yet many states still consider this the solution to MMIS. We encourage states to consider the alternatives.

  • B. Charter an Airline

    A state can connect to Cloud hosting, buying a virtual server to access a secure data center, similar to chartering a fleet of planes. They get to use the planes safely, but avoid the costs and risks of owning the entire airline. A simple call to book the required services is all it takes to book the amount of planes needed, paying in bulk for the managed services delivered by the plane load. This solves the financial burden but not the management challenges.

  • A. Book a Seat

    States pay only for the services they receive, based on the number of individuals using it and transactions performed, like buying a ticket every time you fly. States with lower needs reduce their costs. States with higher needs make budget gains in efficiency. The latest technology, maintenance, expensive hardware, 24/7 support, and high grade security are all covered by MMIS as a Service (MMISaaS).