Guided by our Six Objectives, we will constantly strive to implement the initiatives required to achieve our vision for Medical Information Technology.
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Combining 3 Service Sectors we create modular, agile and usable MIS Ecosystems
The holistic Modulaire Approach encapsulates 3 Services sectors with equal importance: IT technology, management strategy and Cloud infrastructure. Projects are approached as agile and modular (software and hardware) developments with UX and technology design going hand-in-hand during development and testing.
Modulaire partners with the best-in-class Data Centers, Equipment Providers, Software Providers, Technical Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts to design and deploy a flexible, interoperable and intuitive ‘Turn-Key’ Solution tailor-made to suit the needs of every potential user group.

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Guided by our Six Objectives, we will constantly strive to implement the initiatives required to achieve Our Vision for Medicaid IT. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions keep the human aspect in the forefront of all our solutions.

The Six Objectives


  • Foster Understanding

    Our analysts have decades of in-depth experience of understanding the key functions and business processes of Medicaid IT from past to present. This understanding has afforded the design and implementation of the modular MMIS system of the future.

  • Encourage Transition

    Working with States in the transition from legacy MMIS environments to future MITA SOA MMIS implementations is coupled with a change management framework to complete on time and within budget.

  • Embracing Change

    Understanding that MMIS systems are always changing we believe that management must not only embrace change but must foster and promote it. Within IT the only constant IS change. We will ensure that the changes in technology are no longer an MMIS management issue.

  • Nurture Providers

    Medicaid providers are the means by which state Medicaid departments execute their mission. We assist state Medicaid departments to ensure that all interactions with providers are supportive and that the provider is left with a great user experience.

  • Enable Patients

    Medicaid members have in the past not been engaged in a manner that has produced the best outcome. A “Member Portal” will bring in to play tools, technologies, and engagement experience to insure that future member interactions are transparent and relevant to patient self-management.

  • Sharing of Information

    The main objective of the institution of Medicaid is to maintain and improve the health and well-being of its members. Promoting the sharing of information, knowledge, and experience, in a way that is available to all will ensure Patient Care is the core motive for management, staff, and vendors.

The MMIS Systems Dilemma

White Paper by Dr Roger Oren, PhD PMP


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